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The most common reason of my digital frustration is the lack of order in my personal folders. The epicenter of the disaster is in my movie folder, which is merely a natural consequence of the mess in my DVD collection.

DVD Chief seems to be offering a solution to this problem of mine and lots of other people. This extremely detailed cataloging software allows you to describe your DVDs in almost any imaginable way. Besides, with this program you can just create and expand your very own offline reference source for movies, movie personalities and statistics by downloading the corresponding information from sites like imdb.com or amazon.com.

The meticulousness of DVD Chief is its main advantage and at the same time its huge drawback. You can describe almost all details about your favorite DVD edition, from the movie cast to the disc technical details to the languages the film is available in.

However, the sheer scale of presented data makes DVD Chief usable only for a small number of movie geeks. It would be perfect for erecting a personal digital shrine for the Star Wars movies or for all film versions of Dune, but a regular user won't know what to do with all those tabs and options and settings. On the other hand, if you have at least some idea about how to make use of all of this, DVD Chief will be just what you need to maintain order in your DVD collection.

My personal favorite was the Purchase button, allowing you to order a DVD of any movie on the Web: DVD Chief will send a search query to an online retail site of your choice and will redirect you to the search results page.

The developer's love for detail and thoroughness deserves some appreciation: I have never seen anything that would be even nearly so meticulous. However, it makes the program to hard to use for us regular users and brings it only a four-star rating.

Andreea Iordan
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  • Too many settings for a regular user
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